STUPRO is a University software project we have been working on during the last year. This project is part of the Bachelor program “Software Engineering” at University of Stuttgart. The Team Our team consisted of Adrian Zeyfang, André Wruszczak, Jan Machnik, Jan Tagscherer, Jonas Auer, Karl-Heinz Theil, Larissa Laich, Marcel Warbeck, Paul Dieterich, Tobias Beeh and me:   The Project During the project we developed “Kronos“, which is an extension on top of the open-source project Paraview. The goal of this project was to visualize different data-sources on a globe-view including earth-texture. Kronos is capable to import and visualize many different data-sets. They are described in the following abstracts. Terrainvisualization of Earth The earth is the center part of Kronos. It can be visualized as 3D-globe or as flat 2D-map. All additional data-sets are rendered on top of this globe. Visualizing Data-Sets[…]