In Germany’s 2017 national election it really looks like Martin Schulz (SPD, Gottkanzler) has the momentum to beat Angela Merkel. Germany’s social democratic party (SPD) was able to start a positive hype around their candidate Martin Schulz that had its origins in the Internet; organically. Thousands of memes were shard online, like the Schulz-Train – promoting the values of Martin Schulz and the SPD: A strong Europe for a bright future for all EU citizens. Or as the memes suggest: MEGA – Make Europe Great Again. And the polls looked great for Martin Schulz, raising every week looking like he has a real chance against his competitor Angela Merkel. Der Schulzzug fährt mit hoher Energie Richtung Kanzleramt! #MartinSchulz #EU #Bundestagswahl #Germany #SPD #MEGA #BTW17 #Deutschland — Der[…]