Larissa Laich and Frederik Riedel started working together in 2011. In 2015, they officially founded their company Frogg GmbH. They already published plenty of apps for iOS and Android on the App Store — or sold them to enterprise customers. Employing more developers was an important milestone for Frogg helping to grow their business faster.

Frederik developed his first app with 15 years and founded his own company shortly after. Because of his outstanding talent he not only received one of the famous Apple scholarships but also attended the keynote in San Francisco already seven times. You might ask - what else do you want from life when you are a teenager? A lot more, if you are Frederik! Even though the now 26 year old Berliner is hitting the iTunes Charts frequently with his ideas and gets flooded with job opportunities at the worlds hottest tech companies, he has his own definition of success. And this one is not related to money. The young genies follows his own vision. He knows about his special skills and he wants to use to have an impact for our society and to make the world a better place.

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