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one sec

A speed bump for distracting apps and websites.

one sec forces you to take a deep breath whenever you open social media apps. It’s as simple as effective: You will reduce your social media usage just by becoming aware of it. one sec is the focus app that tackles the problem of unconscious social media use at its root. It is designed to change your habits on a long-term basis.


Bouldering & Climbing Tracker for Apple Watch

This is the best app to track your climbing and boulder sessions automatically. Redpoint gives you detailed overview and feedback on your ascents. Use your Apple Watch or iPhone as a fitness tracker for bouldering and climbing. Contribute your climbing session to closing your daily rings! Workouts are stored in HealthKit and therefore visible in the Health app and Workouts app as well.

Processing for iOS

Processing and p5.js to go

With this app you can write and execute Processing and p5.js Projects right on your iPad or iPhone. Code highlighting and formatting help you to keep your code organized and suggestions help to find faulty code.


HomeKit in your Menu Bar

Super-fast access for quick scene switching. Global keyboard shortcuts. macOS automation. Pin your favorite accessories to your menu bar – for quick access to sensor values and actions.


Learn the Basics of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Minecraft

Are you ready to discover a whole new experience-level of playing Minecarft? »iRedstone« contains many step-by-step instructions offering more than 1300 screenshots. You will get fascinating insights into the amazing world of redstone - a must-have for every Minecraft-pro!

ICE Buddy

Live Travel info in your Menu Bar

ICE Buddy offers you all important information about your trip at a glance. Directly in your menu bar, fast and always up-to-date.

All you have to do is connect to the WiFionICE WiFi network and you're ready to go!

How to invent a new Emoji

The long story of my Polar Bear Emoji

As you might know, Polar Bears are my favorite animals. And for many years I was sad that there was no Polar Bear emoji at all. That was until I noticed how Emoji characters are created, and that basically any person can propose new characters to be added.

Shortcut Remote Control

Remote-Control your Mac with Siri, Shortcuts, and AppleScript.

Add actions to be executed on your Mac to Siri, so they are accessible from HomePod, AirPods, and your Phone. All commands are securely synced via your iCloud account. That means, commands can also be executed from remote, not only within your WiFi network.


Mirror your phone‘s screen to your computer with ease

Are you the founder of a startup? Do you demo apps to customers? Do you participate in hackathons? Then wait no longer and download this amazing app! It's a small helper that just works: Start QuickScreen, plug in your iPhone or iPad (or even multiple devices at once!) and it will automatically detect the screen(s). No additional configuration is required.

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