Frederik Riedel
Frederik Riedel
App Artist & Entrepreneur
Jul 11, 2018 6 min read

Happy 10th Birthday, AppStore!

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Ten years ago, on June 10 2008 Apple started the AppStore. With only a few hundred apps in the beginning it’s amazing to see to what it has grown today. Fantastic indie careers have been kicked off thanks to the AppStore. Many new startups are only successful because of the power of the AppStore. On this historical day, I decided to tell my personal AppStore story. This is about how I started to develop apps with iRedstone:

And some other developers started to share their stories as well. Amazing, interesting, hilarious, personal, funny things. I hope that this shows everyone else that there are no magic skills required to create impressing apps. And that releasing an imperfect app in the beginning is not embarrassing at all.

On top of that, some users recognized iRedstone (someone they know retweeted me). What a great coincidence at the 10th anniversary of the AppStore!

You have an app on the store as well? Why not share your story! You have an idea for an app? Go out and make it!