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Feb 9, 2018 1 min read

Introducing Redpoint — The first Apple Watch Bouldering Fitness Tracker

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Today I am publishing a new app on the AppStore: This time I combined two of my passions: My passion for climbing & bouldering and my passion for iOS development.


Redpoint is a fitness tracker for bouldering and climbing that uses the built-in sensors form the Apple Watch. While I developed this app I discovered how amazing and well-thought watchOS and the actual Apple Watch hardware already are – providing computing power for real-time machine learning analysis of accelerometer and gyroscope samples, the heart rate and the barometer.

Redpoint features an iPhone companion app as well that analyzes and visualizes the training data. This includes personalized training feedback and detailed charts. You can download the app for free on the AppStore.

(You may wonder where the name actually comes from. Heres the simple explanation: A common term in climbing is redpointing

Redpoint Climbing Fitness Tracker in use

Read more about my app on the AppStore Featuring Page or on iFun or on Heise’s Mac + I magazine.

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