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Apr 14, 2019 4 min read

Processing for iOS Education Challenge 2019

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Submit your coolest projects, stories, and course material around Processing for iOS!

I’ve started my app “Processing for iOS” as a little side-project in 2011. I wanted to have my processing sketches always with me to show my friends or to code on the go on my iPod Touch. At some point, I figured out that other people were also interested in using my app, so I decided to upload it to the AppStore in 2012. Since then, many cool projects have evolved around this app and the reception has been tremendous (especially in the educational field). I’ve never made any money from the app (and I don’t plan to) so I decided to open source the code as well. To be honest, the code of the project is not in a great state (the whole project is build on top of a code base of a 15 year old (hint: that was me) who had no idea what object oriented programming is)…so pull requests are always welcome!

In the end, Processing for iOS became an incredible educational tool. To emphasize how amazing Processing is to learn programming I am asking you to contribute your stories, projects, and course materials around Processing for iOS. Have you build a little game? Are you using the app to teach kids how to code? I would love to hear your stories!

I‘ve created a form to submit your projects here.

All stories, resources, and projects will be made available through the app. The idea is to provide a complete free package for everyone to learn and teach.

Processing for iOS—Teaching the world how to code

George Boateng is using Processing for iOS for projects in Africa to teach kids how to code. Many people there don’t have access to computers, but they own (old) smartphones. It might not be the best way to learn how to program on such a tiny screen but it works. It makes education more accessible. And that’s what I love about this project. You can read more about it here in this medium post.

Some high schools equipped with iPads want to offer programming classes to their students, so they chose my app for that (I‘ve received a couple of emails form teachers telling me about this). Processing for iOS is a great way to bridge the gap between programming and iPad: no notebook or computer is required, so students can use their school-provided iPads to learn how to code. Similar to that, I‘ve received messages from students from all kinds of different backgrounds (studying history, social sciences) having a programming class in the program—without owning a computer. With Processing for iOS they can still participate in such programming classes. And the best thing: Some professors even recommended to this app to use for iPad.

Processing for iOS driving innovation in aero-space

There‘s a project in Argentina trying to bring a solar-powered airplane into the stratosphere, into the edge of space. One important factor to make this possible is to reduce weight wherever possible. Traditional airplane instruments can be very heavy—so their team is experimenting replacing those with an iPad Air. Processing for iOS enables them to quickly prototype instruments screens using different sensors that are available on iPad to simulate traditional airplane instruments. You can read more about this project here:

Processing as a Tool for Artists

The art community also discovered Processing to create programmed art. Either to create beautiful symmetric and mathematic geometries, or to create glitch art. Both are beautiful and can deliver powerful messages. Processing Glitch Art on iPad

Processing for Android

I am quite good at making iOS apps. But don’t worry if you’re using an Android device, there‘s a great community taking care of that as well. You can find their free app on the Google Play Store.

Financial Support

So far, I‘ve programmed most of the app myself in my free time and I‘m happy to continue with that. However, for additional resources (marketing / servers / design) it would be helpful to get access to some grants or scholarships. If you happen to know any particular programs, please tell me more (

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