Processing for iOS Education Challenge 2019

Submit your coolest projects, stories, and course material around Processing for iOS! I’ve started my app “Processing for iOS” as a little side-project in 2011. I wanted to have my processing sketches always with me to show my friends or to code on the go on my iPod Touch. At some point, I figured out that other people were also interested in using my app, so I decided to upload it to the AppStore in 2012.

qBe, a Minecraft Clone written in Processing

This is a school project I have been working on for half a year. QBe is a clone of the popular game “Minecraft“, written using Minecraft is like virtual Lego, you can place blocks, remove blocks and explore your personal world. Mountains, lakes, trees and caves are automatically created by a landscape-generator. We started this project in winter 2011 for school. This is a picture of a early test version of our game: