Setting up QuickScreen

QuickScreen mirrors your phone‘s screen quickly to your Mac. Even though the user interface is super-simple (and quick!), there are a couple of things you can try if your phone does not connect somehow: Launch QuickScreen on your Mac. Make sure your iPhone is connected with a lightning USB cable to your computer. Newer iPads are connected with a USB-C cable. Make sure that you allow your computer to access your phone (there might be a pop up on your phone to “trust this computer”).

Tips and Tricks when Climbing with Apple Watch

Climbing is a great sport. And Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker. It even provides built-in capabilities to track climbing activities – even though this is only very basic and just provides duration, heart rate, and calories for each climbing workout: The right App for Climbing & Bouldering With the integrated workout app only providing very basic statistics I started to work on my own fitness tracking app “Redpoint” (free download) — specifically built for climbing.

Happy 10th Birthday, AppStore!

Ten years ago, on June 10 2008 Apple started the AppStore. With only a few hundred apps in the beginning it’s amazing to see to what it has grown today. Fantastic indie careers have been kicked off thanks to the AppStore. Many new startups are only successful because of the power of the AppStore. On this historical day, I decided to tell my personal AppStore story. This is about how I started to develop apps with iRedstone:

Introducing Redpoint — The first Apple Watch Bouldering Fitness Tracker

Today I am publishing a new app on the AppStore: This time I combined two of my passions: My passion for climbing & bouldering and my passion for iOS development. Redpoint Redpoint is a fitness tracker for bouldering and climbing that uses the built-in sensors form the Apple Watch. While I developed this app I discovered how amazing and well-thought watchOS and the actual Apple Watch hardware already are – providing computing power for real-time machine learning analysis of accelerometer and gyroscope samples, the heart rate and the barometer.