KeyPad x QuickScreen: Remote-Control your iOS devices!

I‘ve recently discovered the App KeyPad which is available for free on the Mac AppStore. It basically pretends to be a bluetooth keyboard + trackpad for your iPhone or iPad and lets your remote-control your iOS device through that. The reason why it caught my attention is, it‘s a perfect compagnion for QuickScreen which mirrors your phone‘s screen quickly to your Mac. Remote-Controlling your iOS device with KeyPad The setup is simple: Install KeyPad from the Mac AppStore, and connect your phone to the newly created bluetooth endpoint.

Setting up QuickScreen

QuickScreen mirrors your phone‘s screen quickly to your Mac. Even though the user interface is super-simple (and quick!), there are a couple of things you can try if your phone does not connect somehow: Launch QuickScreen on your Mac. Make sure your iPhone is connected with a lightning USB cable to your computer. Newer iPads are connected with a USB-C cable. Make sure that you allow your computer to access your phone (there might be a pop up on your phone to “trust this computer”).

Tips and Tricks when Climbing with Apple Watch

Climbing is a great sport. And Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker. It even provides built-in capabilities to track climbing activities – even though this is only very basic and just provides duration, heart rate, and calories for each climbing workout: The right App for Climbing & Bouldering With the integrated workout app only providing very basic statistics I started to work on my own fitness tracking app “Redpoint” (free download) — specifically built for climbing.

Processing for iOS Education Challenge 2019

Submit your coolest projects, stories, and course material around Processing for iOS! I’ve started my app “Processing for iOS” as a little side-project in 2011. I wanted to have my processing sketches always with me to show my friends or to code on the go on my iPod Touch. At some point, I figured out that other people were also interested in using my app, so I decided to upload it to the AppStore in 2012.

Happy 10th Birthday, AppStore!

Ten years ago, on June 10 2008 Apple started the AppStore. With only a few hundred apps in the beginning it’s amazing to see to what it has grown today. Fantastic indie careers have been kicked off thanks to the AppStore. Many new startups are only successful because of the power of the AppStore. On this historical day, I decided to tell my personal AppStore story. This is about how I started to develop apps with iRedstone:

Introducing Redpoint — The first Apple Watch Bouldering Fitness Tracker

Today I am publishing a new app on the AppStore: This time I combined two of my passions: My passion for climbing & bouldering and my passion for iOS development. Redpoint Redpoint is a fitness tracker for bouldering and climbing that uses the built-in sensors form the Apple Watch. While I developed this app I discovered how amazing and well-thought watchOS and the actual Apple Watch hardware already are – providing computing power for real-time machine learning analysis of accelerometer and gyroscope samples, the heart rate and the barometer.

WWDC 2016 — Apple Scholarship

It was a great and exhausting week at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco during the last days – with the scholarship orientation on Sunday, the big keynote on Monday and labs during the week. We got lots of questions answered during the week in the labs and met old friends from 2013, 2014 and 2015 again. Thanks for the great week and see you next year!

Apple Tech Talks in Berlin: All about Apple TV

Apple’s TechTalks in Berlin were a great opportunity to meet many WWDC friends from San Francisco again. The talks itself covered different important topics regarding AppleTV and tvOS app development.

WWDC 2015 — The epicenter of change.

It was great to experience Apple’s WWDC on a Apple scholarship with a strong focus on developers and great software releases. Meeting our friends at Apple and other companies in the Silicon Valley was amazing and we’re looking forward to seeing you again next year! At this year’s WWDC Apple showed the new OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, watchOS 2, Swift 2 and Apple Music – speaking of music: this is Larissa and me singing karaoke at a bar in San Francisco:

Hackathon Stuttgart 2014: MealHub

MealHub was our project at the Hackathon Stuttgart 2014. We developed this app to be able to meet new people, cook and eat together. The initial problem was the lack of lunch options at our university. But what if every dorm could be a canteen? Cooking for five people is not much more time-consuming than cooking for one or two. After all we received the “price for best project”. After winning the hackathon we decided to continue working on MealHub and release the app on market.

Halloween Hackathon 2014: Kolumbus, a cultural travel buddy

Kolumbus is an intelligent, gps-based iOS application + server-backend, which reminds you to visit cultural institutions, when you are already there. The idea is to encorage especially young people to enjoy cultural highlights without additional effort. This project was rewarded with “Price for best Application”. The source code is available on GitHub.

Paypal’s BattleHack London 2014 – RunForIt!

We developed an app which helps to collect donations for charity by running. People who participate pledge a certain amount of money for every mile you run which is then automatically collected and donated to the charity organization. You can select from different charity organizations manually who should receive the donations which are collected by your running activity.

New Bus-Tracking Feature Available in “Krautfest App”

In 2013 we published the first app-version for Leinfelden-Echterdingen’s annual “Krautfest”. The festival is visited by more than 100’000 visitors on one weekend. The new app also contains a bus-tracking feature, which shows the location of the Krautfest-bus-shuttles live on a map – that’s a brand-new feature which isn’t even available in the official VVS app! We presented the app at the press conference last week. The app is available for iOS and Android.

IBM Hackathon Uni Stuttgart: Weather-Alarm App

At IBM’s bluemix hackathon we developed an iPhone app with intelligent weather capabilities: The app can wake you up earlier when harsh weather conditions occur (for instance snow). It is also able to warn you before certain weather conditions appear using the weather forecast. All calculations are done on IBM’s bluemix backend system, which then sends out a push notification to our fronted iPhone app. Read more about the hackathon and our project on IBM’s website.

HP Hackathon San Francisco 2014: Reviewily

A single restaurant can have thousands of reviews. Way too much noise to actually get exactly what you may want. At Reviewily we help organize the reviews, ratings, and comments so you can dive directly into what you care about, what people mention a lot, and you can be a more informed customer. Using IDOLOnDemand API (Sentiment Analysis) we pin point specific topics people people care about when reading reviews & comments.

WWDC 2014 – Write the code. Change the world.

This week was totally inspiring and probably the best week of our life. It was great to get in touch with Apple engineers in the labs to get help with our app projects, especially iRedstone. Apple presented iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and the new Swift programming language. On top of that we met many great people, including Jony Ive and Craig Federighi! We’ll see you again next year!

iRedstone hits 1’000’000 downloads, Top 5 most downloaded app in Germany, featured on TV

We’re proud to announce that our app “iRedstone” for iOS, Android and Mac OS has been downloaded more than 1 million times! At the same time we reached another milestone: iRedstone is among the top five most downloaded apps in Germany – being downloaded more often than Doodle Jump! iRedstone has been featured on television, watch the excerpt here:

PennApps 2014: AmaScreen

Our goal was to create an API for connecting different mobile devices of all types to one big screen without huge afford for the users. Our product is web-based, which means you don not have to install any software on your device to use it. Therefore we used Websockets, so you just have to type in the server’s IP and can connect. Via our server’s webcam we take pictures of the different devices that should be connected.

“Yet an other conference” in Moscow

“Yet another conference” is the name of the technology conference by the famous Russian company “Yandex“. I met two developers from Yandex at WWDC earlier this year and they invited me to come to attend their conference as well. It was a great conference and I met lots of people there!

WWDC 2013 – Where a whole new world is developing.

This week was amazing, exciting and exhausting! Everything started with a little scholarship picknick near to the golden gate bridge that Larissa and I organized. It was great to meet all the scholars already and talk about our expectations for the keynote and the whole week. This was also the place where the legendary scholarship group picture in front of the golden gate bridge has been taken: ![WWDC 2013 Group Picture: Larissa Laich, Ari Weinstein, Nick Frey, Arik Sosman, Rohan Kapur, Jaden Geller, Johannes Erschbammer, Peter Schreuder, Ethan Vaughan, Coulton Vento]

iRedstone – A Redstone Minecraft Guide For iPhone

Today we’re proud to announce that our app “iRedstone” has been released by Apple’s review team on the iTunes AppStore and is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. iRedstone contains many instructions which are related to the redstone-electronics within the popular computer-game “Minecraft”. Redstone is not simple to learn, so we created this app to help everyone who’s interested to learn the basics. If you want to submit your own instructions you can do it here: add.